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Cornwall Council Recycling

Cornwall Council Recycling is a service offered by Cornwall Council to residents and businesses in Cornwall. The service collects and recycles waste, including recycling materials like plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals. Cornwall Council also offers a composting service for garden waste.

How does Cornwall Council Recycling work?

Cornwall Council Recycling works with a variety of recyclers, who process different types of material into new products. These products include plastic bottles, foil, cardboard and textiles. Cornwall Council also recovers metals from recycled materials, such as cans and wire. This metal is sold to manufacturers who use it in new products or for recycling other materials.

Recycling aims to divert over 75% of its municipal waste from landfill by 2020. It has achieved this by working with businesses and households to reduce their waste footprint, as well as through the collection of recyclable materials. Recycling offers residents an easy way to reduce their environmental impact and help preserve resources for future generations.

What is included in Cornwall Council Recycling

Cornwall Council recycles most materials including plastic, paper, metals, and glass. Different materials are recycled in different ways but the goal is to reuse or recycle as many materials as possible.

The process begins with sorting materials by type and then by material weight. The heavier materials are sent to the mill while the lighter materials are sent to the recycling center.

Cornwall Council also has a composting facility that processes organic waste. This facility helps Cornwall Council to meet its recycling goals by diverting unwanted material from the landfill.

What Happens to Your Waste After It’s Recycled?

When it comes to recycling, Cornwall Council is a leader in the UK. In fact, Cornwall is the first council in the UK to be accredited by the Blue Planet Foundation for its achievements in waste management.

All of Cornwall Council’s recycling goes through an extensive process. First, all recyclable materials are sorted and baled according to type. This helps to ensure that materials that can be recycled are recycled first.

Next, Cornwall Council’s recycling plant processes the materials. Here, the materials are melted down and turned into new products such as plastic pellets, cardboard boxes, and paper.

Last, Cornwall Council sends the products off to be sold or given away. This helps to keep valuable resources out of landfills and helps to reduce our reliance on foreign resources.

The Benefits of Cornwall Council Recycling

Cornwall Council Recycling is a vital service that helps to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. The benefits of recycling are clear: it saves resources, reduces pollution, and helps to protect the environment.

The main benefits of recycling are environmental. Cornwall Council’s recycling centres process materials that would otherwise end up in landfill or as litter on our streets. This saves valuable resources and reduces pollution, both from the original material being processed and from the emissions created by burning these materials in landfills. It also helps to protect our environment against potential disasters such as floods or fires.

Cornwall Council also invests in green infrastructure such as rain gardens and green roofs which can help to reduce water usage and improve air quality. By making wise choices with our resources we can all play our part in protecting our environment for future generations

How to get involved with Cornwall Council Recycling

Cornwall Council recycles household waste and recycling materials from businesses. Households in Cornwall can recycle old newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles and jars, textiles, furniture and electronics. Cornwall Council also collects recyclable materials from kerbside collections.

What happens to recycled materials

Cornwall Council Recycling works with a number of local and national companies to recycle materials. Cornwall Council is the largest recycling authority in the UK, processing around 44,000 tonnes of waste each year.

The majority of recycled materials go to manufacturing companies, such as carmakers and clothing manufacturers. Recycled materials are also used in construction and are used to make new products.

Cornwall Council has a number of facilities that process recycled materials. One facility processes scrap metal and another processes plastic. The council also has a facility that breaks down cardboard into small pieces so that it can be reused.

How does Cornwall Council Recycling help the environment?

Cornwall Council Recycling also helps to create jobs. By processing and sorting recyclable materials, Cornwall Council employees help keep the environment clean and healthy. The recycling process also creates new materials, such as paper and plastics, which can be used in new products.

In addition to helping the environment, Recycling helps to save taxpayers money. By processing and sorting recyclable materials, the council is able to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be sent to landfills. This saves taxpayers money in terms of disposal fees and environmental costs.


Cornwall Council provides recycling services to all of its residents, both in the boroughs and rural areas. Residents can recycle a wide variety of materials, from plastic bottles and cans to paper products and electronics. The council also operates an electronic waste recycling centre, which accepts items such as TVs, computer monitors, and mobile phones.

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