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Edinburgh Council Recycling

Edinburgh Council Recycling is a local authority recycling service that collects recyclable materials from households, businesses and organizations in Edinburgh. The service has three collection points – North Bridge, Haymarket and Princes Street. Materials that can recycle include plastics, cans, glass and paper.

The Edinburgh Council Recycling service was launch in 2003 as part of the Scottish government’s commitment to increase recycling rates. The service currently manages a total of 168,000 tonnes of recyclable materials each year.

Residents can report any broken or out-of-date waste containers to the Edinburgh Council Recycling team using the online reporting tool. This will help ensure that the most appropriate material is collected from households and businesses.

If you would like to find out more about Edinburgh Council Recycling or how you can help contribute to the recycling effort, please visit their website or contact them on 0131 557 6666.

How does Edinburgh Council Recycling work?

The recycling process begins with sorting the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Reusable materials are placed in blue bags for collection by the council’s kerbside recycling service. Non-recyclable materials are placed in black bags for disposal at landfills.

The council also operates a free fortnightly recycling drop-off service for Edinburgh residents. This service allows residents to recycle their paper, plastics, cans and glass items free of charge.

Edinburgh City Council recycles just over 60% of the waste it collects, which is commendable given that the city has a population of just over 450,000 people. The council’s recycling system is divided into two main parts: household and commercial.

Household waste includes food and drink containers, paper products, plastics and rubber goods. Commercial waste includes items such as televisions, computers and car parts. All waste must be placed in clearly labelled bags and taken to one of the council’s four recycling centres.

Items that cannot be recycled are either burned or sent overseas for reprocessing. The council also has a composting scheme that allows residents to put biodegradable waste such as leaves and food scraps in their gardens.

What are the benefits of recycling with Edinburgh Council?

Edinburgh is one of the most recycling-conscious cities in Europe, and it has a lot to show for it. Not only does the city have some of the most advanced recycling facilities in the world, but it also benefits from a strong partnership with local businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of recycling with Edinburgh Council:

  •  Reduce waste output: Recycling saves valuable resources, and this can put to good use reducing the amount of waste that needs to sent to landfills.
  •  Reduce environmental impact: Recycling, Edinburgh is helping to reduce the impact of its waste on the environment. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.
  •  Economical benefits: When everything is recycle properly, it can create economic benefits for businesses. This includes reduced shipping costs and increased production efficiency.

What can I recycle with Edinburgh Council?

Edinburgh Council recycles all sorts of materials, including plastic bottles and containers, cardboard and paper, textiles, electronics and batteries.

There are many types of materials that can recycle with Edinburgh Council. These materials can include plastic, cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, and other plastics. You can find a full list of what can recycle at the Edinburgh Council website.

Edinburgh Council offers residents a range of recycling services, including general kerbside collection, recycling of mixed materials and glass, and recycling of plastic packaging.

General kerbside collection consists of recyclable materials place in a designate blue recycle bin. Mix material recycling includes items that are not easily separate into their individual materials such as textiles and paper. Glass is recycle breaking it down into small pieces and then melting it down. Plastic packaging is recycle cutting it into small pieces and then putting them into a machine that separates the plastic into different types.

Where can I recycle with Edinburgh Council?

Edinburgh Council’s recycling service is available to residents and businesses in the city. You can recycle most types of materials at the council’s drop-off points, including cardboard, plastic bottles and jars, textiles, paper products and electronics.

Edinburgh Council operates a number of recycling centres across the city. The following are the locations and opening hours:

  •  George Street Recycling Centre: Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm
  •  Potterrow Recycling Centre: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm
  •  West End Recycling Centre: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
  •  Southside Recycling Centre: Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm

Where is Edinburgh Council Recycling located?

Edinburgh Council Recycling is located at 15-17 High Street, Edinburgh.

What should I do if I have any questions about recycling in Edinburgh?

If you have any questions about recycling in Edinburgh, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the city’s recycling team. They can help you figure out what types of materials are recyclable and how to properly dispose of them.


If you’re looking to reduce your waste footprint, recycling is a great way to go. Edinburgh Council has create a fantastic website that not only tells you what can and cannot recycle, but also offers tips on how to recycle your materials correctly. If you’re ever in doubt about how something should recycle, or if you have any questions at all about the council’s recycling service, head over to their website and check out their FAQ section.

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